Inauguration of the Prefects

Inauguration of the Prefects

Inauguration of the new prefects for the year 2020 was held on the 13th Monday at 7.30 a.m. at the College Grounds.  This event was graced by the newly appointed Animator of Lisieux Convent Gampaha, Sr. Jenette Rajasekera, who is also a past pupil of Holy Cross College. The school gave a warm welcome to Rev. Sr. Jenettte Rajesekera who accepted her term of office on the 11th January 2020.

As a symbol of leadership, the outgoing Head Prefect Supuni handed over the College flag to Sr. Dharshika, the Principal, and Sr. Dharshika in return handed it over to the new Head Girl, Vihanga Nonis. After the ceremonial event of giving away the badges, the newly elected prefect board gave their Oath to be exemplary leaders and to uphold traditions and customs of our college spreading the light of trust, love loyalty towards the Alma Mater.

Sr. Dharshika, addressing the newly elected prefects, urged them to do what they have to do here and now so there won’t be any regrets when the end comes. The new Head girl, taking the leadership, invited all the Crossters gathered to live for the purpose for which each one is made.

“Even if honesty and openness become tiresome,

it does not matter, be honest and open.

Even if your masterpiece which took an year to complete be destroyed within one night,

It does not matter, continue to create.

Give your best to the school, to the world” was her message to the young Crossters gathered.


  1. Head Prefect: Vihanga Nonis
  2. 1st deputy Head Prefect: Nadeshka Bandara
  3. 2nd Deputy Head Prefect: Isuri Panchalee
  4. Sports Captain: Hitheshi Pieris
  5. Vice Sports Captain: NimashaWimalananda
    Shanika Lakshani


  1. Akeshi Bandara
  2. Anjana Perera
  3. Anjani Jayathilaka
  4. Chamudi Rupasinghe
  5. Dahami Ranasinhe
  6. Dewni Wijesinghe
  7. Dimagi Karunaratne
  8. Hashini Dias
  9. Isurika Perera
  10. Jayangana Colombamudalige
  11. Lelumi Chandrasekara
  12. Lihini Athukorala
  13. Malshi Rashmika
  14. Neha Sivagurunathan
  15. Nethmi Imasha
  16. Nethmini Silva
  17. Nipuni Silva
  18. Nisheli Soyza
  19. Noyeli Saumya
  20. Onela Perera
  21. Pawani Perera
  22. Rashani Navodya
  23. Roshindri Jayasinghe
  24. Ruvinidi Ann
  25. Sandali Peiris
  26. Sandunmaliee De Silva
  27. Sewni Fernando
  28. Seya Jayasuriya
  29. Shehani Payoe
  30. Vera Reddiyar
  31. Yehani Vinodya



  1. Achini Perera Therese House
  2. Andri Michelle Agnes House
  3. Dulakshi Pathiwila Cecily House

Hasini Weerathunga   Goretti House