Felicitation of Nilushi Ranaweera

Felicitation of Nilushi Ranaweera

Holy Cross College felicitated her daughter, Nilushi Ranaweera who brought honour to the school and to the motherland by her great achievement on 27th Monday January 2020. Nilushi Ranaweera had been appointed as Assistant Attorney General on August 23, 2019, in Minnesota State, America. On her great achievement, her Alma Mater, took the opportunity of felicitating her during her short visit to the motherland.

She was welcomed with the Senior Western Band, accompanied by the principlas past and present and the teachers past and present. Little Friends, Scouts and Girl Guides gave her guard of honour while a little Crosster welcomed her home with a beautiful basket of roses.

The programme started with the invocation of the blessings of God. It was recalled how in the past God called Debora to judge the people of Israel, and all the Crossters prayed that Nilushi Ranaweera, like a Modern day Debora may judge with integrity and justice.

The little Crossters from the primary section brighten the event with their melodious voices as they sang the welcome song. Sr. Dharshika, The Principal, addressing the gathering said how proud Holy Cross is to have her as an example to all those who are still striving for excellence.

Sisters Dharshika, Carmella and Hiranthi then offered a souvenir to Nilushi Ranaweera in memory of this great day. Evoking the memories of the past, the senior Eastern Music Group of the school then performed a dance for the song ‘deekiri’ for which Nilushi Ranaweera as a girl has performed.

Finally Nilushi Ranaweera addressed the students and gave them a relevant and a meaningful speech. She gave five short messages to the young Crosssters.

  1. Dream big and aim at achieving your dream. Life without a dream is meaningless.
  2. Compete with yourself. Do not compete with the others and the world outside, but compete with yourself.
  3. Stay humble and smile always. Greet everyone with respect.
  4. Be grateful for what you are, for what you have.
  5. Be yourself. Love yourself. The image that the social media tries to create is false. A woman is beautiful not from outside, but from inside, when that woman is strong, and is able to face challenges.

Finally she shared about the miracle prayer which helped her at her interview and distributed to every student prayer leaflet.

The event was concluded with the College anthem.