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A pioneer in the education of girls in the Catholic tradition, in Gampaha district, Western Province, Sri Lanka, Holy Cross College is dedicated to lead our students to the light of truth and charity through the educational excellence in a Christ-Centred environment. For more than 90 years HCC has built upon our traditions of Faith and Excellence by offering a superior education experience to our students. Ours is a mission of awakening young women to the reality of life with an equilibrium of knowledge, values and skills.
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From The Principal

Welcome to Holy Cross College, Gampaha, web site. Here at Holy Cross, we strive to provide experiential learning to illumine the darkness of ignorance. In today’s competitive world, education is an asset. But most of all, education of young girls is like laying a foundation to build the world. We focus on a holistic education, with academic excellence, attitudinal transformation and cultural-rootedness with its values and upbringings. We make sure that our students are rooted in the values of Catholic tradition and, yet maintain a global outlook.

From The Deputy Principal

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela

Providing Education in all its aspect is the primary concern of us Educators who aspire to bring out an effective transformation in the society. Realizing this noble mission; we, the Stakeholders of Holy Cross College, Gampaha are always in a progress of achieving perfection, venturing into new arenas in the field of Education.
Launching the website of the College is another milestone of a blissful attempt to expand the quality of Education in a Holistic manner. This is an avenue where all are invited to witness the systematic Formation of our students and the friendly atmosphere with which they are blessed.

From The Vice Principal

Education is the back bone of one’s life. It is the steering wheel with which we can motivate the children, form their thinking pattern and transform them for a higher level of life. To motivate them to reach these goals we need to arouse their curiosity to learn. When they are curious they will find out lots of interesting things to do.
Keeping in touch with the needs and the challenges of this fast moving and highly competitive society we thrive for excellence through the Cross. Through launching the website of the College, students will find many more opportunities to cope with the pressure of this world and foster their Christian and cultural values and contribute their best to enrich the society.

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Rev. Sr. Nuwanthi A.C.

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Rev. Sr. Subasiri A.C.

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Rev. Sr. M. Ranmali A.C

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Ms. Sheron Grabau

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Ms. Shiranthi Demel

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