Top Management

School Management

Holy Cross College is the only private school in Sri Lanka, run under Apostolic Carmel administration. Apostolic Carmel sisters are an order of nuns whose charism is to share God’s love though the ministry of education and other works of mercy. The primary mission of the Apostolic Carmelites is to be deeply rooted in prayer, experience the Divine and as an outflow of this deep experience, go out to serve God’s people.


Principal of Holy Cross College is appointed by the Apostolic Carmelite higher authorities. Our current Principal is Rev. Sr. Mary Dharshika A.C. She was also a student of Holy Cross College. She served the school as a teacher, a Sectional Head and as the Vice Principal of the school. In 2017 she was appointed as the Principal of Holy Cross College.

Deputy Principal

Our Deputy Principal is Rev. Sr. Nuwanthi A.C. She has served HCC from 2000 January to 2011 July as the Business Studies Teacher for the Advance Level students as well as a sectional Head. In 2011 she served as the Primary Principal at St.Peter’s college, Negambo. In2017 she was appointed at the Principal of St.Anthony’s Girls School, Colpetty. In 2019 She returned to HCC as the Deputy Principal.