Listening to Our School Anthem

School Anthem

Our Alma Mater’s praise and glory
Heart and voice today proclaim
Our fervid songs recount her story
Gampaha’s verdant vales acclaim
Braving every storm and strife
Lo she bears the palm of life
Surge and blast though heave & toss
Her’s is victory through the Cross
With love a Mother’s hand is guiding
Lest our careless childhood strays
The Lilies fair to bloom she’s tending
Training us to virtue’s ways
Purity and grace her lore
Work and will her wisdom’s cove
Neath the Cross our banner might
Strive for virtue’s lofty height
Awake, arise ye Lanka’s daughters
Weave her crown with homes the best
As peerless as the sunkissed breakers
Girding India’s pearl the best
Gather then around the Cross
Hold aloft the Holy Cross
Through the Cross to endless light
Through the Cross to realmse’er bright

Lyrics by : Most Reverend Edmond Peiris, (Retired Archbishop of Chilaw)
Music by :