Prefects Investiture 2023

Prefects Investiture 2023

“if your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, than you are an excellent leader.”

The investiture ceremony of the board of senior prefects of the Board of senior prefects for the year 2023 of Holy Cross College Gampaha was held on June 27th at the college auditorium.

The Deputy Principal of  the college, Rev.Sr. Nuwanthi inducted the badges to the Board of Prefects starting from the top board.

The order of the ranks of the Board of Senior Prefects for the year 2023 are as follows;

  • Head Prefect – Sandeshka Bandara*
  • First Deputy Head Prefect – Sarah Kalpani
  • Second Deputy Head prefect – Ann Wonara
  • Sport Captain – Nevindie Perera
  • First vice sport captain – Kiara Thulani
  • Second vice sport captain – Melisa Perira


Our heartiest congratulations to the newly elected Board of Senior Prefects for the year 2023!